More comments on Donnelly’s re-election

A couple of comments from a thread at

Anyways, Joe will win. Repubs will vote for him because he’s GOP light, Dems will vote for him because he’s not as bad as he could be. Unless someone unseats him in the primary, which is unlikely. I still wish Francis had won. He would have been an excellent congressman.

I agree that Donnelly will win in Nov. and has no credible challenger in either party. He disappoints me a bit in that he has done little, even for a freshman congresscritter, for the district when he is a swing vote for the Democrats. You would think he might have managed something for us beyond the almost assured continuation of HumVee production.

And some more comments on the prospects of Tony Zirkle from SBF, this time from a thread entitled “Please Tell Me The Local Republican Party Can Do Better.”


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2 Responses to “More comments on Donnelly’s re-election”

  1. chi1088 Says:

    I saw that the deadline for running somebody against Joe Donnelly was February 22.

    Is it possible to put up somebody to oppose Donnelly to at least create some discourse within the progressives in Michiana who are forced to support him?

    We shouldn’t take this. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be in this predicament where the Republicans are awful so that makes Democrats so bad but the Democrats are spineless, gutless, and inadequate so that makes us hate that we have to vote for them.

    We the people can put up true leaders to be elected to the House of Representatives. We should do it even if we think we will lose just because it’s right.

  2. chi1088 Says:

    Correction: …so that makes Democrats not so bad…

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