Donnelly on immigration: “enforcement” first, second, and last

Rep. Joe Donnelly held a news conference yesterday (Monday Feb 18) dealing specifically with his stance on the immigration debate. Various news sources covered the event (here is WSBT’s coverage “Donnelly touts efforts to curb illegal immigration” and here is Fox28’s coverage “Donnelly works to close off border”).

Yesterday we raised the question of whether Donnelly supports deportation of immigrants. Supposedly, Donnelly claims he didn’t say this… hopefully, there will be follow-up on this question with the reporter.

The possibility that our Congressman was pandering to reactionary, far-right views and is now disavowing his comments out of political calculation is quite disturbing.

As an astute reader suggested to DW in an email message:

“How do you enforce the immigration laws which is Donnelly’s position and NOT be in favor of deportation? Deportation is exactly what happens when you have legal roundups.”

This cuts to the heart of the matter: where does Joe Donnelly truly stand on the issues? Where are his principles? Or is he most interested in projecting a “moderate” i.e. conservative Democrat image in order to, in his view, best ensure his re-election?

Is this what we elected him for? To be more concerned with re-election than standing up for what’s right?


The immigration issue is very timely in Indiana now as the news came yesterday that the Indiana House Public Policy Committee voted 7-4 to pass what the Indianapolis Star yesterday called “one of the nation’s toughest illegal immigration bills.”

This bill, if eventually passed by the full House and signed into law, would very likely have a chilling effect on many communities across Indiana not to mention the negative consequences to the Hoosier economy.

It is indeed quite sad and discouraging that, yet again, too many are ready to scapegoat immigrants in a convoluted attempt at addressing complex social and economic issues.

Unfortunately, history is littered with examples of this sort of behavior yet it appears that Congressman Donnelly and others representing us in the Indiana state legislature are more concerned with their political careers than standing on principles.


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