Donnelly shares views

(The following comes from the Carroll County Comet)

Editor’s note: Recent fiscal events in Carroll County have not escaped notice of Congressman Joe Donnelly. He had comments about the announced closing of Peters Revington and the news that there would be no FEMA reimbursement for the county for costs associated with recent flood damage.

Re: Lack of FEMA funding

“We are looking at what options that might be available to help the county,” he told the Comet Tuesday afternoon. “We are casting our net as far as we can.”

Donnelly said his office would report to county leaders as information became available.

Re: P&R

“Clearly this is the result of our country’s trade policy being so wrong for so long,” Donnelly told the Comet Tuesday. “Our government has stood by as jobs have gone to Asia without providing a fair trade policy.”

Donnelly said he co-sponsored the China Currency Valuation Act that would require China to put a fair market value on their currency or the U.S. would impose a tariff on goods entering the country that would make the price fair. He said China’s currency is under-valued 25 to 40 percent which gives them an unfair trade advantage.


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