Puckett pitches his plan for health care costs

(from the South Bend Tribune)

Tribune Staff Writer

SOUTH BEND — Republican congressional candidate Luke Puckett held a rally outside of U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly’s office Monday and talked about his plans for health care.

Puckett said health care needs to be competitive to drive prices down and improve people’s access. The way the system works right now, insurance companies can bid on residents based only on the state they live in, he said.

If the bidding was expanded to include multiple states, he said, costs would go down.

“One of the most important things is to eliminate the frivolous lawsuits,” Puckett said.

Health care costs would go down if there were fewer lawsuits, Puckett said, so hewould fight for tort reform. In England and other parts of Europe, there’s a “loser pay” system, where the loser in a lawsuit pays the costs of the winner, Puckett said, which has brought a decrease in frivolous lawsuits.

The Democrats want to nationalize health care, Puckett said, but people in other countries with nationalized health care, such as Cuba, are trying to come to the United States.

“They’re not building rafts over there risking their lives on a journey to our shores just to come into another nationalized program,” he said. “People are standing in line to get into our country. … Why? Because we have a free market and we need to utilize that free market.”

After the rally, Puckett led a group of supporters to the County-City Building to vote early.


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