Donnelly (again) capitulates on ANWR


Thirteen days ago, an all time high at the pump for Hoosiers meant an all time low when emotions got in the way. Gas prices reached $4.19 a gallon.

Wednesday, prices like $3.79 in the morning, going back up to $3.91 in the evening shows the rollercoaster keeps going.

Ryan Deeter says, “I think it’s discouraging. It’s very difficult.”

That’s why the 21 year-old says he decided to take a seat and listen for some possible solutions from Republican Congressional candidate Luke Puckett.

Deeter says, “I think sometimes the issues can be oversimplified in political rhetoric.”

Puckett says that’s not true.

He says, “We can bring the price of gas down. We can do it.”

Puckett’s plan is to drill and refine American oil. That’s why he’s taking a trip to ANWR to see if drilling there is a good idea.

Puckett says, “It’s either to say we’re going to drill or not drill. We’re going to debunk the theory if need be or we’re going to put an x on the ground and say x marks the spot.”

That’s an idea his rival, Congressman Joe Donnelly, also supports.

Donnelly says, “I’ve said a number of times we need to be drilling in ANWR and we need to be drilling in our continental shelf.”

Again, that’s another area they agree on.

Puckett says, “We have 45 billion barrels of oil off the Gulf Coast of Mexico. It doesn’t matter, we have China drilling in our backyard off the coast.”

Puckett says Donnelly hasn’t always lived up to his claim.

Puckett says, “He’s gone back and forth and voted against it and he’s voted for it, but at key leadership times he has voted against drilling and refining American oil.”

The incumbent Representative says more drilling is just one part of his plan.

Donnelly says, “We also need to be doing wind and solar hydrogen and we have to be better at conserving.”

He says Congress is working on getting a bill passed that starts to put crude oil back on the market from the country’s reserves.

He’s also working on a plan to drive speculators out of the market by tightening regulations and demanding more “up front” money from people who buy oil contracts.

The price of oil has doubled in a year and a senior oil analyst from Oppenheimer investments testified before Congress this week and said the majority of that increase was because of speculation.


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