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Donnelly’s first TV ad: invoking “independence”

September 9, 2008

Makes one think of Democrat turned “Independent” Joe Lieberman?


Donnelly responds on Hydro power in South Bend

February 25, 2008

(from Kathleen Petitjean’s blog, If We Only Connect):

This is Encouraging

I recently called Joe Donnelly’s South Bend office to ask whether there was federal funding available for a hydro electric plant on the East Race as was once envisioned in the 1980’s. Today I received his response; the entire text of his letter follows:

“Dear Kathleen,

Thank you for taking the time to contact my office about the recently-passed energy bill and to inquire about federal funding for a hydroelectric power plant in South Bend.

I share your interest in clean, renewable energy sources, and I believe that creative and clean energy generation projects are vital not only for the protection of our environment but also for ensuring the sustainable future of our communities.

As you know, last December the president signed The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2008 (PL 110-140). This important, bi-partisan legislation was an important first step in our efforts to put America on the path to energy independence, respond to global warming, and grow our economy.

A key element of the legislation was a section dedicated to the promotion of marine and hydrokinetic renewable energy technologies. This particular section authorized funding to be used to research and develop technologies to produce electric power from waves, tides, and free flowing water–including rivers and man-made channels like South Bend’s East Race.

The bill also authorized an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program to assist local governments in reducing fossil fuel emissions and total energy use and improving energy efficiency in an environmentally sustainable manner. Although the grant program has not yet been funded (my emphasis), it would appear that the concept of completing a hydroelectric power plant on South Bend’s East Race would meet the basic qualifications outlined in the legislation.

In addition to this new grant program established in The Energy Independence and Security Act, there are a number of other federal, state and private grants available to assist communities in the development of clean, renewable energy sources. My office stands ready to work with the City of South Bend and other communities to find the available resources needed to make these projects possible. To learn more about alternative energy grant opportunities, please contact my Grants Director, Beth Barrett, in my South Bend office.

Thank you again for your interest in hydroelectric power, and your commitment to making South Bend a healthy and sustainable community. Creative ideas and emerging technologies hold tremendous potential for the City of South Bend, and I look forward to working in partnership with you and others to turn these ideas into action.


Joe Donnelly

Member of Congress