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Puckett’s campaign manager resigns

September 4, 2008

from WSBT:

The Donnelly campaign declined to comment on Bailey’s resignation.

Bailey said he resigned because of concerns about his health and the amount of time he is focusing on his family.

“I went to the doctor last week, and after hearing a description of my lifestyle, the hours, the eating habits, and the stress of it all, the doctor told me that I was working my way right up the political ladder to an early grave,” Bailey wrote in an e-mail to The Tribune.

But the main reason had to do with family, he said. Bailey’s sister is a volleyball player at Lynn University in Florida, and she called him Saturday after playing in her first collegiate game, which the team won.

“This was one of the biggest days of her entire life, I forgot about it, she called to tell me about it, and I wasn’t able to take her call because I was on a conference call,” he wrote in his e-mail. “I felt less than an inch tall, it and it hit me like a ton of bricks. After I listened to her message, I knew I was going to resign.”

Bailey’s resignation makes him the second Puckett campaign staff member to step down suddenly. Treasurer Art Willis resigned Aug. 18 after errors in bookkeeping resulted in multiple overdraft charges to the campaign from Lake City Bank.

Bailey left of his own will and on great terms, Puckett said.

“I feel like I’m losing my right arm right now and losing my brother that I traveled all over the district with,” Puckett said. “This is a tough one.”

Until further notice, campaign Chairman Juan Manigault will also step into the manager’s role, Puckett said.


ND College Republicans push Donnelly on oil drilling, Patriot Act; Donnelly reassures the Right he’s with them

June 7, 2008

(from the South Bend Tribune)

Article published Jun 6, 2008
Group to Donnelly: Back drilling
Representative’s campaign says he does — as part of a larger solution.

Tribune Staff Writer

SOUTH BEND — A group of college Republicans wants U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly to “change his stance” and support domestic oil exploration.

But Donnelly’s campaign manager says the first-term Democrat is all for responsible domestic exploration — as long as it’s one part of a larger approach to energy independence that has to include other, more sustainable measures, too.

The Notre Dame College Republicans, including two people dressed as a dolphin and a caribou, presented a petition to Donnelly’s district director, Hodge Patel, for Donnelly to consider signing.

The so-called “American Solutions” petition calls on Congress to authorize exploration of “proven energy reserves.”

Translation: It’s asking Congress to allow more off-shore drilling and oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, or ANWR. Proponents think doing so would help lower the nearly $4 per gallon price of gas.Edward Yap, president of the Notre Dame College Republicans, said the price of fuel is a big issue for college students.

“We wanted to focus on ANWR and domestic drilling,” he said. “The last time I filled up my tank, it was $50.” Yap drives a 1998 Volvo sedan.

The College Republicans’ position echoes that of Donnelly’s fall opponent, Luke Puckett, who also has called on Donnelly to sign the petition.

Yap, the president of the college Republicans, is helping with the Puckett campaign. And Puckett’s campaign manager, Kyle Bailey, as well as Brian Sikma, the campaign’s deputy communications director, helped gather signatures for the petition Thursday in downtown South Bend.

And Donnelly’s position on domestic exploration for oil is clear, said Andrew Lattanner, his campaign manager.”In terms of drilling, with $4-per-gallon gas, Joe believes it’s absolutely necessary that we look at all our options, and one of those options is responsible exploration in the outer continental shelf, and in addition to that, he’s also in favor of increased oil production from shale on federal lands and he would support responsible exploration of oil reserves in ANWR,” Lattanner said.

But it’s important that the solution include many options, Lattanner said.

“We need a solution that involves all our options, whether that’s in additional exploration, biofuels, conservation, wind, solar — everything’s on the table,” Lattanner said. “There are good ideas on both sides of the aisle.”


The College Republicans also attacked Donnelly’s votes on extending the Protect America Act, which is part of the larger Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.Yap declined to answer further policy questions beyond what was on the group’s press release, which accuses Donnelly of a “flip-flop” on the issue (thus the person in the dolphin suit — it’s a “Flipper” joke).

But Donnelly actually supports the surveillance act.

He broke with House Democrats and voted to allow consideration of a 21-day extension of the act until a more lasting deal could be negotiated.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., recessed the chamber before a vote could occur.

“I support updating and extending the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act,” Donnelly told The Tribune in late February, when Puckett criticized his votes. “On January 13, two days before the latest iteration (version) of the FISA law lapsed, I voted for a 21-day extension of that same law. I stand ready to vote for another extension or a permanent new FISA law.”

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Puckett says no to debate suggestion

March 8, 2008

(Article published Mar 8, 2008 in the South Bend Tribune)

Luke Puckett has told Tony Zirkle he has no interest in debating.
Both men are Republican candidates in the 2nd Congressional District, currently represented by Democrat Joe Donnelly of Granger.Puckett, of Goshen, has the support of the local Republican Party, while party officials have tried to distance themselves from Zirkle, who has suggested segregation of the races needs to be discussed.

“What’s your campaign’s position on debates?” Zirkle, a South Bend attorney, asked in an e-mail to the Puckett campaign. “I can probably be available any night except Friday night for a debate in any of the 12” of the 2nd Congressional District.

Kyle Bailey, campaign manager for Puckett, responded, “Due to your outrageous and hurtful comments toward African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Americans of all cultures, we decline any debates.”

The Puckett campaign would prefer to concentrate on a positive vision for the future, Bailey said

Drama building in several primary races

February 11, 2008

From the South Bend Tribune:

by Jack Colwell

Tony Zirkle, once laughed off as “the guillotine guy,” says he read here last Sunday that Republican leaders had found their candidate for Congress in Indiana’s 2nd District — Luke Puckett — and decided then to file on Monday for the GOP nomination.

He did. So there will be a race in the May Republican primary: Zirkle vs. Puckett.

Puckett, a Goshen businessman, is indeed the choice of party leaders to oppose Congressman Joe Donnelly, D-Granger, in the fall.

Kyle Bailey, a young but experienced regional political director for the Indiana Republican Party, is moving in as campaign manager for Puckett.

And Bailey says the Puckett campaign is prepared for any primary challenge as well as for a fall campaign in which Donnelly will have more funding.

It’s smart politically not to just laugh off Zirkle.

In the 2006 Republican congressional primary, Zirkle captured 30 percent of the vote in challenging Congressman Chris Chocola, the Republican incumbent. This was a sign that Chocola would be vulnerable in the fall. He was, losing to Donnelly.

Bailey, 23, a LaPorte native who knows the territory, having worked on Chocola campaigns and with GOP mayoral candidates in northern Indiana, says Puckett will hit the ground running after formal announcement of candidacy on Feb. 11. Puckett plans campaign events in Cass and LaPorte counties on the 11th, in St. Joseph and Elkhart counties on the 12th.

Zirkle has been kind of a barometer for prospects of Republican incumbents. He also showed that Chris Toth was in trouble in seeking re-election as St. Joseph County prosecutor by getting an impressive percentage against Toth in the 2002 Republican primary. Toth lost big that fall.

Zirkle says he sees a chance this time to enter a race in which he has better name recognition than his opponent. And he’s not backing away from some of his controversial statements of the past, including his call for use of the guillotine. He points out that he proposed it only for use on someone convicted of multiple child rapes.

He says he doesn’t come up with such things just to get attention or laughs. Strange as some of his proposals may sound, he didn’t leave Toth or Chocola laughing.