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More on Donnelly’s votes against his own party

March 18, 2008

The Washington Post has compiled a database of Donnelly’s votes against his own party available here.

Look for an analysis of this lengthy list in the near future from Donnelly Watch.


GOP admits lack of credible challenger to Donnelly

March 17, 2008

(from the Washington Post)

In the House, Republicans have largely failed to recruit credible candidates for the swing-district seat of retiring Rep. Jerry Weller (R-Ill.) or to challenge several Democratic freshmen who took GOP seats in 2006. They include Zack Space of Ohio, Joe Courtney of Connecticut, Chris Carney and Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania, John Hall of New York, Joe Donnelly of Indiana and Heath Shuler of North Carolina.

“We’ve had a difficult time with candidate recruitment this entire cycle,” said Neil Newhouse, a GOP pollster who works closely with congressional Republicans.